LPL Research Retirement Index Results Mirror iOme Challenge Winners’ 

The results of the LPL Research Retirement Index will look familiar to the winners of this year’s iOme Challenge. LPL Financial recently released their LPL Research Retirement Index ranking states in preparing young people for retirement. The research rated states in six categories: financial, healthcare, housing, community quality of life, employment and education, and wellness.  

The rankings, which found Virginia, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, and Wisconsin to be the top states, closely mirrored those of this year’s iOme Challenge winners. The iOme Challenge is an annual program in which students team up with each other and a faculty advisor to produce a paper on a topic related to Millennials and retirement. 

This year’s topic required students to rank states by their ability to prepare Millennials for retirement. It additionally asked students to rank their own state and provide policy recommendations to improve low ranking states.

Led by Aaron Kanzer and advised by Professor Nancy Kimelman, Vincent Armentano, Alexander Arnst, Ahmed El-Ghazouani, Dylan Kelly, Ben Klepper, Stephen Ngo, Manish Samala, Steven Siano, and Emily Weis from Northeastern University produced a winning paper. Earlier this summer the winners traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with policy-makers and members of Congress.

View their research here.