The iOme Challenge is a fun and interesting contest that addresses real social issues.

Winners receive prize money, a trip to Washington, DC to present their essay, and an opportunity to meet with policymakers on Capitol Hill!

See if the iOme Challenge might be for you… Spend some time checking out this website, the Challenge Question, the Past Winners and FAQ pages. Gather your team (team members can be added later) and find a faculty advisor to act as your guide. Are you up for the iOme Challenge!?

"It's been one of the most enriching and amazing experiences I've ever had and I can safely say that for our entire team! It's been our great honor to present our paper and hear from so many experts speaking at the forum and offering us a lot of useful suggestions for future work. And the meetings on the second day were simply eye-opening!"
2017 iOme Challenge Winning Team, A collaboration of students from Columbia University, Duke University and Amherst College