This Year’s Topic

YOU ARE INVITED to participate in the 6th Annual iOme Challenge. The top prize is $5,000 to the winning student team and $1,500 to that team’s faculty advisor. The winning team will also be invited to Washington D.C. to present their entry to various policymakers. In the past, students have attended meetings at The White House and The Capitol Hill, and met with the Assistant Secretary of Labor, various Members of Congress and other policymakers, including representatives from the Departments of Labor, Education, and Treasury.

There may also be honorable mention prizes.

The 2015 iOme Challenge consists of two parts: an essay and a video that illustrates the key elements of the essay. We encourage students to form teams with individuals some of whom have policy expertise and some others with video production skills. Team members can come from different educational institutions. Each team of students must have a faculty advisor, and the faculty advisors are encouraged to use this contest as a part of their class curriculum.